Wegmans' wine & cheese pork sausage and salad

Christmas Cards

Downtown Christmas Tree

I was all excited yesterday to take some early morning shots of the fresh snow. I woke up early, got ready and headed out. Imagine my letdown once I got out side and found out it was raining. Since I was already up and outside, I decided to head out anyway. Even though today's picture looks like a nice pretty snow scene, it was actually taken in the rain. Not just a light drizzle, but rain that was coming down at a pretty heavy rate. I got this shot, packed up and went home. Hopefully, the next snowstorm will be better ...

Last Night Before the Storm

I took this shot from our front stoop just before bedtime.

Tonight's Dinner

Meatballs Konigsberg-Style

In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash

Tonight's dinner & movie: Peking Duck & A Christmas Story.


I really like the current American Express commercial "Don't Take Chances. Take Charge. (LINK) So I decided to try and find some 'faces' around here. These three were "found" on my daily travels yesterday. I might try to "build" some face compositions for tomorrow's entry.

Blog Entry

I was happy to have one of my photographs featured over on the Penn Stater's Blog. (Link) Thanks Tina!

Tonight's Dinner

Youvarlakia - Greek Meatballs, recipe courtesy of Jeff Smith, the Frugal Gourmet. (Does anybody remember him?) I found one of his cookbooks at my parents house over Thanksgiving. This particular dish was one he prepared on the Phil Donahue Show. I paired the meatballs with a simple salad with his 'Basic Fennel Dressing'.

Ghost Town #2

Ghost Town #1

On Thanksgiving Day, downtown State College turns into a ghost town, not a person or car in sight.

Fresh Pasta #1

Fresh pasta is awesome .... I don't make it as often as I should. 

Good News

I had  some excitement this past Friday.  The newest issue of the Penn Stater Magazine arrived in the mail. I was very surprised to see I had three pictures in this issue. I was expecting one or maybe two, but I didn't think I would find three! Thanks so much Carole, you're the best. 


I was going through some pictures I took this Spring .... I thought this one had the look and feel of a vintage postcard.