Another ski trip over the weekend

Hopefully, we will have one more day of skiing at Tussey next Saturday. Photos from the weekend trip soon.

Skiing Gorilla | Holiday Valley Resort ~ Ellicottville, NY 

Under Construction

Schwab Auditorium ~ Penn State Campus

Nittany Contrails

View from 5th Floor ASI ~ Penn State Campus

Costume Parade

Mardi Gras | Holiday Valley Resort ~ Ellicottville, NY

Skiing Cardinals

sanctae romanae ecclesiae cardinalis ~ Holiday Valley Resort

Empty Hallway

Bouke Building ~ Penn State Campus

Today's Excitement

Today, part of our building peeled away ... probably due to yesterday's rain, today's 14 degree temperatures (water freezing/expanding), plus some high winds ... long story short, Penn State almost bought me a new bike. (Mine is the black one in the lower right.)

ASI Building ~ Penn State Campus

Rain Rain Go Away!

We don't want ski season to end just yet ....

Mardi Gras Lift | Holiday Valley Resort ~ Ellicottville, NY

Safety Patrol

Holiday Valley Resort ~ Ellicottville, NY

He always gets his man

Skiing Mountie ~ Top of Mardi Gras | Holiday Valley, NY