First Night Ice Carver #1

South Allen Street ~ State College, PA

Apartment Parking

Bryce Jordan Tower ~ Calder Way, State College, PA

Toys for Tots

West College Ave. ~ State College, PA

Amsterdam Brewery Retail Store

21 Bathurst Street ~ Toronto, Ontario

Not a Creature was Stirring...

Taken on my annual Christmas Day ride through downtown. Just like on Thanksgiving (link), the streets of State College are empty.

Beaver Ave. and South Allen ~ State College, PA

Gift Adventure

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Corner of Pugh St. and Beaver Ave. ~ State College, PA

City Christmas Lights

Sidewalk Lights ~ Toronto, Ontario

Winter Solstice

Last Night's 'Full Moon Party' at Todd & Margie's ~ Pugh Street, State College, PA

4 Days Until Christmas

Christmas House ~ Allegheny Street, Bellefonte, PA

Lobby Christmas Tree

Queen's Quay ~ Toronto, Ontario

Painter and Ladder

Millennium Science Complex ~ Penn State Campus

Woman and Snow

Corner of Beaver Ave. & S. Allen St. ~ State College, PA

Blue Loop

College Ave ~ State College, PA

Mock Crime Scene

Spruce Cottage ~ Penn State Campus

City FIreworks

Our First night in Toronto, we could see a really cool fireworks display.

View from our hotel room on King Street West ~ Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Sunrise

View from our hotel room on King Street West ~ Toronto, Ontario

Lock Bicycle to Post

Bike Ring ~ Toronto, Ontario

Christmas Tree Hunting

Tannenbaum Farms ~ Center Hall. PA

Toronto Lights

The view from the CN tower was pretty amazing. (I wish we could have gone up a little earlier to catch the sunset.) P.S. That's our hotel in the lower right.

Light Snow Today

Campus mailbox ~ Pavilion Theatre parking lot.