The Midway

My View

I'm back from the Festival ... Overall, things went pretty well. You couldn't ask for better weather or a better setting. Hopefully, I'll have the chance to do it again next year. 

I'm Ready

I think I have everything ready for my first Art Festival this weekend. If you live near Pittsburgh, stop by Freeport PA for the 'September by the River' festival ....

My Hero

I had the chance to photograph a Guitar Hero contest on campus last night. It was my first attempt at concert photography. Over all, I think it turned out pretty well. 

Last Splash

Last night was the closing ceremony for our community pool. (Link)
P.S. If you click on the link, I'm in the picture. It's hard to tell, but that is me in the gray shorts.

The Calm before the Storm #2 & #3

In a couple hours, 100,000 plus people will pack into Beaver Stadium for Penn State's opening game ... Go Penn State!

Buttercup, you go long ......

I was lucky enough to get another picture published in the Penn Stater magazine. I'd like to give a big thanks to Carole for making it happen. (link to the original post)