First Night Ice Carver #1

South Allen Street ~ State College, PA

Apartment Parking

Bryce Jordan Tower ~ Calder Way, State College, PA

Toys for Tots

West College Ave. ~ State College, PA

Amsterdam Brewery Retail Store

21 Bathurst Street ~ Toronto, Ontario

Not a Creature was Stirring...

Taken on my annual Christmas Day ride through downtown. Just like on Thanksgiving (link), the streets of State College are empty.

Beaver Ave. and South Allen ~ State College, PA

Gift Adventure

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Corner of Pugh St. and Beaver Ave. ~ State College, PA

City Christmas Lights

Sidewalk Lights ~ Toronto, Ontario

Winter Solstice

Last Night's 'Full Moon Party' at Todd & Margie's ~ Pugh Street, State College, PA

4 Days Until Christmas

Christmas House ~ Allegheny Street, Bellefonte, PA

Lobby Christmas Tree

Queen's Quay ~ Toronto, Ontario

Painter and Ladder

Millennium Science Complex ~ Penn State Campus

Woman and Snow

Corner of Beaver Ave. & S. Allen St. ~ State College, PA

Blue Loop

College Ave ~ State College, PA

Mock Crime Scene

Spruce Cottage ~ Penn State Campus

City FIreworks

Our First night in Toronto, we could see a really cool fireworks display.

View from our hotel room on King Street West ~ Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Sunrise

View from our hotel room on King Street West ~ Toronto, Ontario

Lock Bicycle to Post

Bike Ring ~ Toronto, Ontario

Christmas Tree Hunting

Tannenbaum Farms ~ Center Hall. PA

Toronto Lights

The view from the CN tower was pretty amazing. (I wish we could have gone up a little earlier to catch the sunset.) P.S. That's our hotel in the lower right.

Light Snow Today

Campus mailbox ~ Pavilion Theatre parking lot.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I should have some new and exciting stuff after the break ... Stay tuned.

More from the cookbook

Today and tomorrow I thought I'd post some more pages from my cookbook. (P.S. The gray background is not part of the layout. I kept it in the screen shot so the pages don't get lost in the white background of the blog.)

Lunch and DInner

Today's lunch from Cafe Laura - Chicken & Potato Chowder.

Tonight's dinner - Meatloaf, which was prepared by Nicholas, our 5 year old. He measured all the ingredients, cracked the egg, ripped up the bread and mixed it all together. He also formed the loaf and had mommy put it into the oven. Here is the recipe from the cookbook I created last year.