Full Bloom

ASI Courtyard ~ Penn State Campus

Relaxing by the Fountain

Theatre Building Courtyard ~ Penn State Campus

Lunch Time Walkers

Near the Obelisk ~ Penn State Campus


I passed the 10,000 page view mark today. (Actually, I probably passed it a while ago. I've only been tracking data since June of 2010.)

More from our Yard

Cherry Tree (top) and PJMs ~ State College, PA


I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Our backyard ~ State College, PA

Beaver Stadium Lights

Blue/White Weekend
Beaver Stadium ~ Penn State Campus

Fair Food

Blue/White Weekend Carnival ~ Penn State Campus

From the Ferris Wheel

Blue/White Weekend Carnival ~ Penn State Campus


Blue/White Weekend Carnival ~ Penn State Campus

Musical Swings

Blue/White Weekend Carnival ~ Penn State Campus


Harbour Front ~ Toronto, Ontario

University Libraries

Paterno Library ~ Penn State Campus

Rubber Ducky You're the One

Growing Tree Toys ~ State College, PA

Saturday's Dinner

Mt Pies in the fireplace. (Pizza Version)

Inflatable Planetarium

Exploration Day ~ Bryce Jordan Center, Penn State Campus

The object on the left is the device that projected the constellations on the dome. You can see the constellation Canis Major in the middle. (One of the dogs following the great hunter Orion.) The blurry colors of light on the right are from our host who was walking around during the presentation. (Constellations were projected on him as he moved around which caused the blurry light streaking effect.)

Birch Trees & Bus Stop

Visual Arts Building Bus Stop ~ Penn State Campus

Willard Reflections

Willard Building Bike Racks ~ Penn State Campus


Queen's Quay West ~ Toronto, Ontario

Woman Ordering Lunch

Big Bowl Noodle House ~ State College, PA

Morning Coffee

Saint's Cafe ~ State College, PA