Carnival Food

Beaver Stadium Parking Lot ~ Penn State Campus

Forest Fire? Plane Crash?

We never did find out what caused Monday's smoke plume .... nothing in the paper, nothing on the news.

View from 5th floor ASI ~ Penn State Campus

Blue / White Game Carnival

Beaver Stadium Parking Lot ~ Penn State Campus

Wild Turkey

I was quite surprised to see a turkey this morning when I was walking into the building.

ASI / Henning Building ~ Penn State Campus

I think it is finally time to officially call our 'Ski Season' over for the year.

There was a small chance for one extra trip the other weekend, but it didn't happen ...

Top to bottom ~ Jack Frost, Sawmill, Tussey Mt

Before & After

Best shrimp dish I've had in a long time.
Wok-fried shrimp in spicy Sichuan sauce

Woman at Green Bowl

Beaver Avenue ~ State College, PA

Biker in Cartoon Land

Beaver Avenue ~ State College, PA

A trip to the Chinese Grocery Store

Dragonland / Hills Plaza ~ State College, PA

Forensic Science Dummies

Spruce Cottage ~ Penn State Campus

Cool Bike Racks

Bike Racks ~ Pittsburgh, PA

Dinner at Sichuan Bistro

Beef Flank Dry Pot & Sichuan Kung Pao Chicken
Sichuan Bistro ~ State College, PA 

Another Milestone

My '95 Wrangler just turned 100,000 miles ... 

Rocks and Waterfall

Roaring Run Bike Path ~ Apollo, PA

50,000 Pageviews

A big milestone for me tonight, I just passed the '50,000 pageviews' mark!

Tonight's dinner, PEI mussels with Spanish Chorizo