The Unofficial Beginning of Summer

I'm not sure which one I like best, the color version or the Black & White ....?

Foggy Morning Swim Practice

Have a great holiday everyone!

Soybean Damage

I really haven't been doing much personal photography lately, so I decided to post some of the things I've been doing at work.

Mile 18

This view came after a long steep climb around mile 18.

Looking to the Right

This shot was taken in the same location as yesterday's image.

View from the Gas Line

At the second place we stopped to regroup, I climbed an extra 100 yards to check out the view. I can't believe that I'm the only one that went up to take a look.

Group Shot

Sunday was our annual Greenwood Furnace Group Ride for the Nittany Mountain Biking Association. I don't know the final count of how many showed up, but this is a shot of the group I was in. (Taken at the top of 'Deer Tick')

Stats: 23 miles with 2800 ft of vertical climbing.

San Jose

My commute to work just got a little sweeter.