Big Winner

I received some good news over the weekend. I was lucky enough to win the Bicycle Shop's Instagram photo contest! (Above was the winning photo.) 


It looks like I'm one of the finalists for the #Lingogram Instagram contest by Jack Lingo REALTOR. I tagged a few photos while I was on vacation in Delaware. I totally wasn't expecting to be in the running. I only wish the photo wasn't so grainy when it is enlarged. (It looked great on my phone at the time.) Keep your fingers crossed ...

Their Facebook page:
Their Instagram page:

Birthday Dinner View

Fishhouse Market & Eatery ~ Wildwood Crest, NJ

Another image from the Marina

Fisherman's Wharf ~ Lewes, DE

Photo of the day

Today's photo is over on the Centre Daily Times. Sadly, I didn't get a photo credit.

Fisherman's Wharf ~ Lewes, DE


Fisherman's Wharf ~ Lewes, DE

Fountains, Glass and a Boy

Fallsview Casino ~ Niagara Falls, ON

Girl and Kite

Clayton Street ~ Dewey Beach, DE

Hole Digging

Clayton Street ~ Dewey Beach, DE

Chair Details

Clayton Street ~ Dewey Beach, DE