Do They Really Need That Sign?

Cindy's Run Warming Hut
Holiday Valley Ski Resort ~ Ellicottville, NY

Beautiful Snowfall Tonight

Our yard ~ State College, PA

Bikes and Snow

ASI bike rack ~ Penn State Campus

Building Collapse

Beside Fenske Lab~ Penn State Campus

Have a good Weekend

Bob's Beverage ~ Ridgway, PA

Morning Workers

Pond Lab ~ Penn State Campus

A few More Ski Images from this Past Weekend

Holiday Valley Ski Resort ~ Ellicottville, NY

Ladies on the Edge

Holiday Valley Ski Resort ~ Ellicottville, NY

Saturday's Lunch

The Chef

Hot Sausage and Hotdogs
Top of the Mountain ~ Holiday Valley Ski Resort, Ellicottville, NY

Old vs New

Spruce Cottage with sunrise reflection on the Chemistry Building ~ Penn State Campus

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Ireland Park ~ Toronto, Ontario

Another Publication

It was a nice surprise today to fine one of my photographs in the Pennsylvania Soybean Promotion Board 2011 Annual Report

You can find a PDF version of the report on their site. (link)

Vertical Lines

Frear North & Mueller Lab ~ Penn State Campus

Phone Booth

Harbor Front ~ Toronto, Ontario

Campus Door

Sparks Building ~ Penn State Campus

More Photographs From Our Yard

Pugh Street ~ State College, PA

Our Driveway

Pugh Street ~ State College, PA

A Trip to Sam's CLub

Sam's Club ~ State College, PA

Pennsylvania Mountains

Views from 'East Wall Traverse' and 'Upper Stembogan Bowl' ~ Blue Knob Ski Resort

Gaggle of Bikes

Fleet Street ~ Toronto, Ontario