Morning Biker

Rube Goldberg

It was exciting to find one of my photographs yesterday in the new issue of the Penn Stater. I posted a different one from the shoot a while back. (Link)

I'll try to remember to post the one that made the magazine. (Thanks Carole!)

Pleasant Surprise

A while back, I sold some images from one of my photography assignments to Penn State's College of Education. I totally forgot about them until the other day. Monday, my wife received some of their promotional material in the mail. While she was looking through the magazine, she found one of my pictures. It's always exciting for me to see my work in print.

You can check out the publication here. (My shot is on page 6.)

HUB Patio

The color relationship between her hair and the bag is what drew me to take this picture.

Last Night's RIde


The apples are falling off our tree pretty early this year.


Thanks Coach Knight!

Holiday Meal

Over the weekend I tried a new recipe from a food blog I've been following. (Link) The Jicama slaw with Chimichurri sauce was awesome! I'm definitely going to make that again.

ISO 12800

Over the holiday weekend, we toured Penn's Cave, America's only all-water cavern. I used my camera's expanded ISO feature for the first time. I'm glad I tried it! Without it, there is no way I could have gotten a crisp image, hand-held, from a moving boat, inside a cave.