Photo Quiz

Can anyone guess what this is? Answer tomorrow ...

Sections NBU, NCU, and NDU

Inside Beaver Stadium ~ Penn State Campus

Blue-White Carnival

Beaver Stadium Parking Lot ~ Penn State Campus

I'm Bummed

I found out, too late to go, that Seven Springs was opening up for one day of skiing. (Link) I was actually off today (a 'use it' or 'loose it' vacation day) and could have made the road trip for one last day of late-season skiing. It would have been awesome ....

Swish at the top of Firebird (Nicholas at the bottom) ~ Hidden Valley Resort

The Fans

Beaver Stadium ~ Penn State Campus

Helping out Steve again today

Penn State's Horse Stable ~ Penn State Campus

Lunch at Chili's

Allen Street ~ State College, PA


I love "Greek Night" at our house ...

Another shot of Old Main

Old Main ~ Penn State Campus

Restaurant Lights

I'm not sure why, but I started photographing the lights above our table when we go out to eat.

From top to bottom - Say Sushi, Mario's, Rey Azteca, and the Yummy Cafe

Bryce Jordan Center Seats

Bryce Jordan Center ~ Penn State Campus

Scrap Metal

Shakespeare's Junkyard ~ DuBois, PA

Easter Egg Hunt Melee

Orchard Park ~ State College, PA

Salad Aisle

Weis Market ~ Hills Plaza

The "Under Construction" Photographs

Some quick snapshots of our kitchen and dining room during renovation.

Cooking dinner during construction was a bit challenging ...

Original wallpaper ...

Original Flooring ...

Tonight's Dinner

Lemon-Parmesan Chicken Tenders with Hot Sauce

The "Before" Photographs

A couple quick snapshots of our kitchen and dining room before the renovation.