Crossing Atherton #2

Information Sciences & Technology (IST) Building/Bridge ~ Penn State Campus

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Pool Snack

Leftover Red Lobster style biscuit, Salami, local cheddar cheese, arugula and olive oil

Homemade Cinnamon Waffles

With my home cured bacon and strawberries

Happy Memorial Day

Pennsylvania Military Museum ~ Boalsburg, PA

One Year Ago

One year ago, I photographed their wedding - Happy Anniversary !!!

Tonight's Dinner

Mussels & Grilled Garlic Bread (top)
Squid & Potatoes (bottom)

Soccer Spectators

Circleville Park ~ State College, PA


Forest Resources Building ~ Penn State Campus

Downtown Demolition

Beaver Avenue ~ State College, PA

I See You

Easterly Parkway School ~ State College, PA

Gaggle of Photographers

Blue-White Game
Beaver Stadium ~ Penn State Campus

I love this Fountain

Walter H. Walters Courtyard ~ Penn State Campus

Things we saw on our Mother's Day hike

Spring Creek Canyon and Benner Spring Fish Hatchery ~ State College, PA

More from the shoot with Steve

Another couple quick photos I took "over Steve's shoulder" during his photo shoot. (Link)

Penn State's Horse Stable ~ Penn State Campus

The Sleeper

Life Science bridge ~ Penn State Campus

The New Coach

I spotted Penn State's new head football coach, Bill O'Brien, the past couple weekends. His son and mine play in the same soccer league.