Looking Up

Chemistry Building ~ Penn State Campus

Tonight's Dinner

Simple Roast Chicken


Top ~ Agricultural Administration Building
Bottom ~ Agricultural Sciences and Industries Building

Tuesday Afternoon

Today's image was featured earlier over on the Penn Stater Magazine's blog (Link)

Joe's Hearse

Pasquerilla Spiritual Center ~ Penn State Campus

Silver-White Tree Tops

Sunset Lift from the top of Stingray ~ Hidden Valley Resort

Rising up into the fog

Sunset Lift above Stingray ~ Hidden Valley Resort

Top of the Mountain

Top of Comet ~ Hidden Valley Resort, PA

My two favorites from the other day

Top: Mad Mex and the Days Inn, Bottom: Berkey Creamery/Food Science Building

A few more Instagram-type images

Allen Street ~ State College, PA

We also resumed our family "Mid-week Dinner Out Night" tonight. I drew the lucky card and choose "The Greek" for dinner.

Floor Tiles ~ The Greek, State College, PA


State College, PA

I love the look and feel of Instagram images. The problem, I don't have an iPhone to join in on the fun. I guess I'll have to create them from scratch on my own ... For the rest of the week, I'll post some that I made today.

Ice Penguin

Central Parklet ~ State College, PA

Doggy Prison

Panera Bread ~ State College, PA

Ice Carver

Allen Street ~ State College, PA