The Long Ride Up

Route 66 Lift ~ Blue Knob Ski Resort

Weekend Ski Trip

Top of the Hill ~ Blue Knob Ski Resort

Snow Squirrel

ASI Quad ~ Penn State Campus

Melting Ice

Berkey Creamery ~ Penn State Campus

Lights & Fencing

Construction Site, HUB Lawn ~ Penn State Campus

Ski School

Tussey Mountain ~ Boalsburg, PA

Crossing Atherton

Information Sciences & Technology (IST) Building/Bridge ~ Penn State Campus

Campus Walker

With the way the weather has been lately, this shot from December looks pretty warm and Spring-like.

Pollock Road near Oswald Tower/Old Main ~ Penn State Campus

Mike's Hotdogs

Hotdog Stand & Pigeons ~ Toronto, Ontario

Today's post was inspired by what I saw after lunch -
The Wienermobile!

The above photograph was shot today, but it was also in town last year around the same time. (link)

CN Tower

Looking down through the glass floor.

Looking up towards the glass floor.

Presidential Visit

Crowd outside Rec Hall ~ Penn State Campus

Secret Service-mobile ~ Atherton Street & Curtin Road

Ice Storm

Mitzi's Pine Tree ~ State College, PA

More Snow!

Tyson Building, Corner of Shortlidge & Curtin ~ Penn State Campus